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Membership :-

Membership of the Club is open to any person resident in Twyford and the surrounding area. There is no requirement for an applicant to have had previous bowling experience and a person may apply for membership at any time. There are four classes of membership available. Full, Junior and Visiting membership, which confer full playing rights, and Associate or 'social' membership, which does not. Junior membership is only available to those in receipt of full time education and Visiting membership is available on a monthly basis to those normally resident at least 35 miles from Twyford. For more details contact the Honorary Secretary.

Fees :-

Subscriptions are 85 per annum for a Full member, 10 for a Junior and 20 for an Associate. All Full, Junior and Associate membership applications are considered at the next General Committee meeting. Visiting membership (which may be granted at any time at the discretion of the Honorary or Ladies Secretary) is available at one fifth of the annual fee per month, no joining fee is charged for such membership.

Beginners :- Come to a Friday Evening trial Session, ..... To see an Invitation Card. ---> click here

The Club would normally expect a beginner to attend the basic coaching sessions offered at 6 pm on Friday evenings from late May to the end of August before applying for membership. These sessions, allow the Club to get to know potential members, aim to teach the rudiments of bowls in approximately 5 sessions and enable the individual to determine if bowls and the Club are for them before committing themselves to significant expenditure. All we ask is that participants wear flat shoes without heels and contribute a green fee of 1 for each session.

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